Regimental Coat  

Some of our regimental coats (and other clothing) have been made by Sue Walters at Sue's Old Fashions. Another source is Chris Cook Historical Costuming. Unless you have a lot of sewing experience and the patience to fold and sew many yards of lace, you may find it more cost-effective to contact Sue or Chris.

If you want to do it all yourself, read on. If you're making the coat intending to join our Buffs light infantry company, be sure to contact our company commander, Joshua Wingler, to discuss the specific layout of lace and shoulder wings.


One source is Past Patterns. In 2006, the pattern for a Napoleonic Era British Foot Soldier's Jacket circa 1806-1820 is $30.00 (US), available in these sizes: Sizes: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46. The web site, and particularly the pattern itself, provides details on material, buttons, lace and lining, but here's some additional information:


Be sure to use madder red for an enlisted soldier's coat, not the bright red or scarlet appropriate for an officer's coat. The British used this inexpensive root-based dye through the late 19th century, and seeing a bright red enlisted man's coat from our era is a sure sign the wearer hasn't done enough research.

We usually have buff and madder wool on hand; contact for availability. If you're buying in large quantities, follow the recommendations on the Past Patterns site or see Roy Najecki for a high-quality 100% wool or Woolrich, Inc. for a less expensive (but still acceptable) 85/15 blend.

An Osnaburg linen or other material is appropriate for the lining, though a lightweight wool is acceptable.


This is more difficult to come by, but we often have some on hand; contact our company commander, Joshua Wingler, for availability and price. You'll need at least 14 yards of ˝” Buff’s Lace (with buff, yellow, black, red and buff stripes) for an enlisted man's coat. Another possible source is Brian Luscombe.


We have authentically reproduced 3rd Regiment buttons (contact our company commander, Joshua Wingler). Also acceptable are plain buttons from Godwin's, Jarnagin's or Military Heritage.