Battle of Plattsburgh - 2005  

The 3rd East Kent Regiment of Foot (The Buffs) waits to take the field in North America for the first time in 108 years.

Nathan carries our colours while Lt. Wingler watches the tactical unfold.

The U.S. bateaus wait for the British fleet, hoping to prevent the landing of troops and support of others already on land.

The Voltigeurs attempt to secure a landing site once the British fleet arrives.

As the Voltigeurs withdraw, The Buffs advance onto the field.

With artillery support, The Buffs secure a landing site.

Ian and Nathan wait in the shade for the Parade to start.

Sam, George and Josh wait for our turn to join the Parade.

Matt, Josh, Jordan, Sam and George.

The colours, Canadian Fencibles and 3rd Regiment join the Parade through the city.

Todd participates with the music brigade.

(L to R)Wayne, Sam, Matt and Todd listen to music at Israel Green's Tavern while their dance cards fill up for the English Country Dancing.

Rachel and Sarah in camp.

Rachel entertains Sarah and George in camp.

Josh takes an early look at Crab Island, site of a mass grave of U.S. and British enlisted men.

Barb and Sam wait for the ceremony to begin.
rb and Sam wait for the ceremony to begin.