Battle of Plattsburgh - 2006  

Lt. Joshua Wingler executes an eyes right as the company passes the reviewing stand during Saturday's Parade. Among the Distinguished Guests were Roy and Jo Carter (Jo is a descendant of Buffs Lt. Col. James Willington) and Col. Neil Fairclough OBE, Assistant Military Attaché from the British Embassy in Washington.

Thank you to the Press Republican for providing this and other excellent photos by Rachel Moore.

A shower of sparks and smoke erupt as the Buffs fire a company volley during the Saturday tactical.

As rain showers descend on Plattsburgh, the Buffs advance on the U.S. troops, bringing a quick end to the tactical.

During the Sunday tactical, the Buffs have taken casualties and fallen back, but form up for final volleys.

Thanks again to the Press Republican, for these unpublished photos by Aaron Stanley.

Things aren't looking good.

Without much of a guarding force left, the artillery prepares another round.

The tactical over, the Buffs form up, fix bayonets and prepare to present arms to the U.S. troops. In the background, two of the bateaux make their way back up the Saranac River.

The Buffs march back from the tactical field, with a statue of Samuel de Champlain in the background.

Our drummer and honour guard turn at the driveway of the Kent-Delord House.

Larger versions of the photos below, plus many, many others, can be viewed on this site.

Ensign Nathan learns the importance of the Colour Guard from Sgt. Dave.

Pvt. Dana awaits the call to form up.

One of many bateaux move down the saranac River to Plattsburgh Bay.

The Buffs and distaff were a hit at the Macomb Ball. Who knew English Country Dance was as simple as Howe's Light Infantry Drill?.

The Buffs visited Riverside Cemetery, site of fallen officers from the Regiment.

Johnny Mitchell of Silver Lining Photography took these and other photos during the Plattsburgh 2006 Weekend.